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“After only 2 sessions with Julie, I knew I made the right choice. This process is so valuable. The word 'resumes' does not begin to capture the overall value I received when working with Julie.”

Executive Client

Design Resumes Approach

Imagine a collaborative process where we work together to create your strategic plan, job stories, resume, targeted cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.

Trying to decide if you need the help of a resume writer or career marketing professional to make you more successful in your job search?

Discover how you can win your next new role or promotion and join the thousands of other happy job winners who celebrated by saying, "I landed!"

Your biggest benefit from working with me is my unique one-on-one interaction with my clients over Zoom. Hence, you directly impact the outcome of your career marketing collateral. You see everything develop in real-time.

Your branding is focused on your value proposition as perceived by your future employer.

Your resume stories become compelling content for your LinkedIn profile, cover letters, executive bios, and other career marketing materials.

One client's testimonial: "Simply put, with the powerful tools and advice she provides, Julie changes lives."

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Resume Writer Certification: Certified Graphic Resume Architect
Julie Walraven - Certified Executive Resume Master
CCELW Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer, Julie Walraven
CPRW-logo Certified Professional Resume Writer, Julie Walraven
Julie Walraven -Certified Master Resume Writer

Teresa Borja Profile pic 2021Working with Julie gives me a sense of empowerment!  She helps you see your accomplishments in a different way.  Always a pleasure to learn from Julie what's new in her business and how many people have used her talents to move forward in their industry! 

Her attention-to-detail is fantastic.  She will go the extra mile to make sure your goals, accomplishments, and industry background are positioned in a way to give the interviewer will get a full picture of who you are. 

Teresa Borja Martinez, Senior Business Development Manager, Nevada

Kevin GrahamI wanted to let you know I landed a job. At plan, my on-target earnings is $180K+ and most reps make well over $250K!!!
I wanted to thank your hard work in rebuilding my resume from scratch and redoing my LinkedIn profile.  It had a huge impact as one in five times I would get a response back.  Prior to working with you, it was closer to one in twenty, even then the one company was not the most desirable.
Thanks again for all your help.  I don’t think I would be starting this new role if you had not helped shape the story I wanted to tell!
Kevin Graham, Account Executive, Technology Sales
Dave FrigenA very successful friend recommended Design Resumes, it was great advice. Working with Julie has produced three positive career advancements.
Not only does Julie design killer resumes, she coaches on what to anticipate during interviews. In my experience, the Design Resumes process produced consistent results with way more in first paychecks than invested.  
Beyond the money and success, the best thing that ever happened is loving what I do. Design Resumes comes highly recommended for a reason!

Dave Frigen, Chief Operations Officer, Telecommunications, Illinois

Ann Marie Morris, Testimonial for Julie Walraven, Design ResumesAfter an exhaustive search for a resume service, I found Julie Walraven with Design Resumes. After speaking with Julie, she wasted no time getting started and keeping me on track.

Her keen ability to get to know her clients both on a personal and professional level allows her to find your best qualities to shine in the resume.

Ann Marie Morris, Director, Brand Creative & Production, New York

Susan Barker - Design Resumes TestimonialJulie is one of the best in the resume and coaching business that I have ever met and I recommend her to my business colleagues on a consistent basis without hesitation. She has a unique approach and doesn’t simply provide an exercise where she has you complete some type of form.

Julie gets to know her clients and, in a collaborative fashion, she creates your story while helping you to understand your strengths. For Career Marketing, there are none better than Julie!

Susan Gordon Barker, SVP – Global Technology Operations, South Carolina

Kevin Steinke, Operations ManagerJulie will help keep your resume in focus and will help with your career strategy.  If you are passionate on being the best in your career, Julie should be your first call, as she is the best!

Kevin Steinke, Operations Manager, Wisconsin

Dan GishJust wanted to let you know I landed a job with the company I worked for building the hotel, and your resume helped me become the new project superintendent on their staff as well as a very competitive salary.

I think it helped create an urgency on their part to hire me or lose me.

Another residential home builder I interviewed with said my resume was the best he had ever seen. He had a masters degree from Marquette.  So Thanks again and just wanted to say well worth the Money.

Dan Gish, Construction Management – Project Superintendent, Wisconsin

Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

Here are ways I can help you land your dream job.

You may be halfway across the country or the world. When you work with me, we share coffee, laughs, and concerns. This turns the scary job search into creative, consultative writing and learning sessions.

If you are curious about working with me, let's have a conversation!

I would love to speak with you on Zoom or over the phone. Until we talk, you don't know if you can work with me or I with you.

Let's have a conversation, no pressure, just a friendly chat about how I work and what you need to succeed. Bring your coffee, water, or drink of choice!

Use this scheduling link to find time on my calendar. Talk soon!

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