Julie Walraven

Julie Walraven


Welcome! I’m Julie Walraven

At Design Resumes, your career is a journey!

As a triple-certified professional resume writer, I partner and collaborate with leaders and executives just like you.

I help you find your intrinsic value so your career journey can be exciting and fulfill your career dreams. As we write and develop your resume together, I teach how to market yourself to get the attention of the hiring manager.

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"I give Julie the highest recommendation. To be honest I didn't know what to expect from a resume writing service. She went above and beyond to help me achieve my goal of landing a new job. If you don't take advantage of her services you are missing out on a higher salary or landing a dream career."

— Andre Little 
Database Administrator — Events Logistics | Facilities IT Administrator, Florida

"I turned to Julie for her resume writing expertise as a military service member making the difficult transition into the civilian workforce. I didn't know where to start and she provided me with guidance.

Julie truly has a way with words and her creativity shines through. If you are having a difficult time with your career transition, turn to Julie!"

—Jesse Richardson
Healthcare Applications Analyst, Wisconsin

Imagine a consultative, collaborative, and interactive process.

You and I talk through every part of your job search.

Perhaps you know you need a compelling resume, eye-catching LinkedIn profile, and targeted cover letter, but you don't know how to make it happen.

Working with me (Julie Walraven), you learn job search strategies incorporate use of all those tools. In addition, I provide more in-depth coaching to help you find the job of your dreams and not just a job you accept because you need a job.

If you hire me, we strategize how to go beyond the exasperating online applications and ATS systems to find the people to hire you.

I understand networking and how to reach beyond your own connections.

You Don’t Have To Imagine

You may be half way across the country or the world. When you work with me, we share coffee, laughs, concerns, and turn the scary job search into creative, consultative resume writing and learning sessions.

My clients hold key leadership roles in diverse fields such as healthcare, information technology, education, finance, sales, consumer product goods, and retail. They are leaders working for companies of all sizes from small entrepreneurial organizations all the way to Fortune 50 companies.

A snapshot of these domestic and global organizations include GE, CISCO, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Broadcom, PartyLite, Vonage, KPMG, Anthem, UnitedHealth Group, Audible, HP Enterprises, Dell EMC, Siemens, Aspirus, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many more.

To uncover your passion and resumes stories, I dig deep into your career experiences.

People love to hear stories. It is important to go beyond the job description and facts. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of your career. Per branding pioneer, David Aaker interviewed by William Arruda in a recent Forbes Magazine article, Why Storytelling Is The Key To Success, And How To Tell Your Story:

"People are not interested in your company, your brand, your product. They really aren't, sad as that may be, and even if you get through with the message they're skeptical.

Instead, they question your motives. They sort of counter argue, all in the context of this media clutter we have. 

Along come stories. More impactful than facts. Stories get attention and get remembered. They change perceptions and change attitudes. They precipitate behavior, and facts just don't."

I help you uncover and create your career stories. Stories resonate well with employers and help get you the job offer of your dreams. Here's how we do it:

  • To drive my unique resume writing and career marketing strategy, we use an interactive live writing strategy powered by Zoom’s video technology. 
  • We create your resume story through a self-discovery process during consultative, interactive coaching sessions.
  • As I capture your resume stories and create your compelling LinkedIn profile, I help you develop the strategy to win the job you really want.
  • By participating in my personalized LinkedIn training, you understand how to leverage LinkedIn and network with key decision makers.
  • You work ONLY with me, Julie Walraven, to write your resume, LinkedIn, and career marketing materials, no subcontracted resume writers or staff writers.

LinkedIn, the professional networking and job search solution

I joined LinkedIn three years after its launch. Teaching LinkedIn strategies rapidly became a specialty as I recognized how critical the platform is to successful job search.

LinkedIn is an  integral component to all my recommended job search strategies. I stay current on LinkedIn's rapidly changing platform to provide you with the cutting-edge coaching you need to be successful. Check out my profile (Julie Walraven) on LinkedIn.

Interview Coaching and Salary Negotiations

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If you select my Preferred or Ultimate Package, you will work with interview coach, Alex Freund, known as the Landing Expert.

Alex, who is in New Jersey, will coach you using Zoom. His specialty is Interview Preparation.  Alex teaches you how to confront and survive the most challenging interview scenarios with grace and confidence.

In the Ultimate Package, Alex coaches you with his "straight talk" coaching, which pinpoints your weaknesses quickly and lets you make real-time improvements in performance. In addition, the Ultimate Package includes Salary Negotiations coaching with Alex to ensure you are paid what you are worth.

Career Industry Certifications

When you select a job search expert, you want to make sure your investment is worthwhile. In addition to my years of industry knowledge driving the success of job seekers worldwide, I am certified by the leading career organizations. Every time I am recertified, a global panel of my peers reviews my resume submissions to ensure they meet the certification standards.

Career Organizations & Professional Development

  • Career Directors International (CDI)member_badge_2-300x300 About
  • Professional Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC)
  • Career Thought Leaders (CTL)
  • Profiling Pro Authorized DISC Administrator
  • Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce

My Own Career Reinvention

In December 2009, I ended my last nonprofit management contract with Wausau Whitewater. I solidified my focus on my Design Resumes business which began in 1983. At the same time, I leveraged both my innate writing skills and my desire to help others to build services to bring success to job seekers.

I embarked on an amazing career journey expanding my client base throughout the United States. Soon, I started working across the pond as my European clients often say. Technology transformed my business and it has transformed job search too.

Design Resumes Innovative Resume Writing Process

I rely on my client as the resource. As we develop your resume, I ask specific and targeted questions to help the client find the industry-specific accomplishments. As we discuss the resume strategy, we focus on the work the client wants to do next.

This unique collaborative resume writing process helps you remember your accomplishments. I research to learn new concepts in your specific field to ensure we incorporate the most desirable industry-specific keywords in your resume.

Personal Information

I married my husband, Bill, in 1980.

profile-of-Buddy-by-Heide-165x300 About

Our family includes two adult sons and a German Shepherd, Buddy, who is my office companion.

We live in Wausau, Wisconsin in a home we bought to remodel in

1992. Yet, we are still remodeling our home, a never-ending project.

My youngest son, Dan, a contractor in the Wausau area finally led the new kitchen project last year.

After 25 years, I can finally say, "I love my kitchen!"

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If I am being authentic, I acknowledge choices I made and will make in my life are tied to being a Christian. More so, those choices are tied to my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my continuing struggle to make God-centered choices.

Faith is something often ridiculed and buried in our world today. As I share how Design Resumes evolved, I feel a need to acknowledge that what makes me able to help others is that faith.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, gardening, walking, and cooking, not necessarily in that order.

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