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Resume Writing Philosophy

Check out the fictionalized professional resume samples which are all original job-winning resumes designed by me, Julie Walraven, a multi-certified professional resume writer for my clients.


I believe every resume client is unique!

Together we create your stories. YOU are the key ingredient to your project.


Every resume is custom-designed!

I don't use templates!


Each resume depicts distinctive strategies.

Your custom-designed original resume will align with your specific career targets.


You know your industry and what you do.

Even if your specific industry or job title is not in my sample set, you know your industry, technical skills, skills experience, and how you do what you do. In our interactive sessions, I help you capture all your talents and value.


I shape your stories

My job is to shape your resume stories in a compelling way to let the hiring manager realize you are the one to hire.

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If you are curious about working with me, let's have a conversation!

I would love to speak with you on Zoom or over the phone. Until we talk, you don't know if you can work with me or I with you.

Let's have a conversation, no pressure, just a friendly chat about how I work and what you need to succeed. Bring your coffee, water, or drink of choice!

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