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When your strategies get sloppy

businessman-2798560_1920-1024x510 When your strategies get sloppy

If you are honest, I bet you can think of times when your strategies get sloppy. All of us suffer from inconsistency sometimes and I think the modern era of so many conveniences has actually made us more inconsistent. We use tools inconsistently. For example, I use Twitter but then I pop in and out.…

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Is fear driving your career?

StockSnap_NXJPTEG0WP-1024x646 Is fear driving your career?

I want to talk about how many people, including me sometimes, let fear drive their actions and their future. As an entrepreneur, I make choices that would make many people fearful on a daily basis. Times when I do have fear driving my actions. July and August were particularly tough this year. They were months…

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