How to job search effectively

It breaks my heart when day after day I see the desperation of job seekers who post on LinkedIn. They share they looked for 6 months, applied to 400+, 600+, or 1000+ jobs, got a few interviews but no offers. They then ask LinkedIn readers to help them.

Often, I check their LinkedIn profile and there is no information.

They might have a few job titles and companies but there is no clue to their value or how they helped companies with their expertise.

They don’t know how to job search effectively

I know the resume is often maligned as an outdated tool, but the resume is the foundation of the job search.

People view the resume as a history book, but this is the wrong approach. As much as the next employer wants to know where you have been, they really want to know the value you bring.

The reason for writing your resume first is to capture the stories that tell of the value you bring.

However, it isn’t the resume that will get you the job.

Your resume needs to shine! Another thing that breaks my heart is when I see that a job seeker has put his resume in the featured section of LinkedIn. Almost always, the resume featured is a bad resume. This resume isn’t a marketing document, and the formatting does nothing to highlight the jobseeker’s value. The resume doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.

However, the resume content does belong on LinkedIn

Say what? If you are doing a job search effectively, you will evaluate your resume to create a targeted resume capturing your accomplishments in the direction of what you want to do next in your career. Don’t write a history book, write a marketing and targeted sales document.

You can certainly write your own resume IF you spend the time researching the correct way to do so via accredited resume writers or career marketing organizations. There are multiple career marketing organizations, but I find Career Directors International to have many resources to help you find the right career marketing professional if you go that route.

Red flags to avoid in resume writing

  • Be careful of templates since you want an original document.
  • It is easy to follow what you were taught in college classes 10 or 15 years ago but often those models used are outdated and the wrong strategy.

What belongs on LinkedIn

Once you create a value-filled and targeted resume for the job you want, it is time to move most of that content to LinkedIn. When clients work with me on their LinkedIn profile, we evaluate the resume to filter out proprietary or confidential information that shouldn’t be shared with 950M LinkedIn users.

We hone in on the direction the job seeker wants to take so that their LinkedIn profile specifically targets the right industry, role, and fits their qualifications and skill sets.

Are you doing job search wrong?

Don’t wait to get started. The job market is competitive but the biggest mistake many job seekers make is to wait too long. Determine if you can create your own career marketing materials. This is never easy. Most of us in the industry have spent years honing our craft to be able to effectively market you to your targeted next role. If you want to do it yourself, you must do the research and put in the time.

The next critical strategy after you have a value-filled resume and LinkedIn profile is to reach out to your network. Ideally, you have been strategic and built a network throughout your career. My favorite resource for this is Harvey MacKay’s book, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”

The concept is that you should be building your network as a lifelong strategy.

The principle is being willing to give back so that when it is your time to need help, you have people who are grateful that you were there for them.

When you strategically work with your network, you will find many more people ready and willing to help you. It isn’t just who you know, it is who your network knows. Don’t wait until you feel desperate, always be ready for the next step in your career.

I work strategically with job seekers targeting Director to Executive roles in technology, luxury brands, finance, and CPG. Are you ready to explore the difference working with me will make? Learn more.

How to job search effectively

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