Why your resume is the foundation of your job search

Did you notice that people wonder if they need a resume anymore?

As an advocate of strategic job search, I certainly suggest you use multiple strategies in your job search.

I advocate the use of more effective options than just blasting out resumes, but you still need the resume as the foundation of your job search.

What makes the resume the foundation of your job search

The process of resume writing is capturing “you” in one place: your work history, your education, your specialized certifications, and your background. I can’t tell you how many job seekers struggle just to get this far.

Even the best resume often gets abandoned after you land your next job, think about what happens in the future. If you stay for more than five years, I guarantee your memory will get fuzzy. For my clients, they think backward and fight to remember the years they worked for a company.

But while we capture those important specifics of where, what, and when in the resume, the more critical issues in today’s job search is beyond those specifics. The next employer is looking for your accomplishments laced with keywords for the industry you target. I probe my clients to uncover contributions not only in their last position but throughout their career.

Strategic use of career data

Next, we strategically use that data to position the client as the expert who brings the solution the company seeks. Now we have laid the foundation for everything that comes after in the job search.

You take this same information written in your value-infused resume and start your job search.

  • You can use this foundation to build online profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Start thinking about the connections you need to make. Who do you want in your network to further your job search by sharing your background which you now can discuss with total clarity.
  • Transform your new resume to meet online application requirements with a simple cut and paste instead of struggling to fill in the blanks with new data.
  • Reference both the resume and the extensive research created your resume in your interviews, pulling out specific details to fit the job target and position you as the one the hiring manager needs to meet the financial, sales, or engineering goals of the company.

You need the foundation of the resume

Without it, your job search will be confusing, frustrating, and most of all, LONG.

  • As a salesperson, you wouldn’t go into a sales meeting with a client without a presentation and sales materials.
  • If you are an engineer, you use blueprints and renderings to explain your ideas.
  • As a financial expert, you compile compelling data to illustrate your point.
  • When you are in a job search, you need the same foundation of supporting information and the foundation is your resume.

How Design Resumes and Julie Walraven impact your job search

One of the things that differentiates me from other resume writers is my business model which is built with interactive active sessions using Zoom as the video platform so that you can be an active participant in the writing of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other career marketing collateral.
It creates a coaching environment that has increased the success of my clients.
For example, Rob is the fourth client originally from a food industry company in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, he joins three other job-winning clients from that company.
Tim became President-COO of a Food industry firm in Michigan last year and just emailed me yesterday to tell me that he accepted a role as the CEO of a food industry company in Iowa.
Another of Tim’s colleague’s Dave is the VP of  Product to Market for a firm that is well known for its brats, Chip returned to the original company as the VP of Finance after leaving and moving to Colorado.
Rob had a new role created just for him with a global food cooperative as the Chief Food Safety Officer when the CEO found he was on the market.
Is it your turn? Are you stuck in your job search? I deploy innovative strategies, tools, and products to create effective job searches that land new roles. Learn more.
Why your resume is the foundation of your job search


  1. shawn mentor on January 27, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Yes, you are right. These days linked in profile has gained an immense popularity and will become an important part of a professional career.

  2. Ed Han on January 27, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Has it been this long since I’ve stopped by your blog? Egads!

    Excellent, Julie. When I see people ask if the resume is dead, I always wonder what they’re thinking.

    • Julie Walraven on January 27, 2012 at 7:10 am

      People keep sending me those links… I don’t think it will ever be dead. But I really think HR and the career industry need to get on the same page. Clients need us to help them formulate the resume with value and accomplishments if they struggle with finding the way to say it alone. The more specific the resume is, the easier the rest of job search is. Most people get stuck in the adages about one page resumes or fill their resumes with duties and miss the boat of why they need a resume.

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