7 LinkedIn fatal mistakes

linkedin_connections-1024x768 7 LinkedIn fatal mistakes

If you are a job seeker or career changer who is not using LinkedIn, you missed one of the most powerful tools ever created. What are LinkedIn fatal mistakes? The first decision you need to make is whether you seriously want to use this tool. You can’t go in half-hearted and then expect results. 7…

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I, I, I is not so important

victory-in-business.-successful-businessman-and-business-team-on-1024x435 I, I, I is not so important

When my sons were little, my mother and my brother made a recording for them of bedtime stories. In one of them, she was reading a German prayer, “Ich bin klein”: Ich bin klein Mein Herz ist rein Darf niemand drin wohnen als Jesus allein. That translates to: I am small My heart is pure…

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