4 Ways to sabotage your LinkedIn profile

As I work with clients, we talk about the best ways to present yourself on LinkedIn.

Tip #1: How you sabotage your LinkedIn profile by copying others

The temptation is to look at other people — some will want to check out colleagues or even C-Suite leaders in their companies to see how their LinkedIn profile looks.

The danger in doing this is that you have no idea if the individual you want to emulate spent any time working on their LinkedIn profile.

I work with top executives every day who admit that LinkedIn wasn’t a priority for them. They simply put up a profile because they heard it was the thing to do. When we start working on their profile, they realize it needs work. It is often missing essential components.

Don’t assume that someone who has an impressive title has the best LinkedIn profile. Start by using correct strategies to ensure you have a complete LinkedIn profile.

Tip #2: Don’t sabotage your LinkedIn profile by leaving out content

Some people feel like less is more on LinkedIn, but the reality is that solid content that highlights your value and allows people (hiring managers and recruiters too) to better understand how you can help solve problems is much better.

LinkedIn profile tip: Add Content to each role.

You have 2000 characters per position to describe the value you bring and how you solve problems for companies.

Don’t make your LinkedIn profile content a job description.

Some people caution you to not use resume content. This point I always disagreed on. If your resume sells you, the resume content with minor changes to leave out confidential or proprietary information should be fine. More people will read your resume than your LinkedIn profile. Just make sure that you are selling your value.

Tip #3: Set your LinkedIn Profile Photo to public

Don't show up as nobody

If your photo is not set to public, you will appear like a gray blob to people not connected to you.

I explain more about how to set your photo correctly in this article: Does your LinkedIn photo show to nonconnections?

Tip #4 – Failing to show up

It is tempting to put up the profile and leave. Determine that LinkedIn is a lifelong strategy. The volatility of our last decade should show you how quickly things can change. A global recession, global pandemic, and a host of other changes to our lives should demonstrate that everyone should always be prepared. Keeping a steady showcase of your expertise combined with interaction with a quality network on LinkedIn should help you weather the next storm.

I can help you craft strategies to stay visible and viable going forward on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is included in all three of my packages. I would love to be your guide to ensure that you get LinkedIn right on your career journey. Learn more.

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4 Ways to sabotage your LinkedIn profile

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