Ann Marie Morris, Testimonial for Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

Ann Marie Morris

Director, Brand Creative & Production, New York

After an exhaustive search for a resume service, I found Julie Walraven with Design Resumes. After speaking with Julie, she wasted no time getting started and keeping me on track. Her keen ability to get to know her clients both on a personal and professional level allows her to find your best qualities to shine in the resume.

Julie worked diligently to work through the challenges I struggled with when writing my own resume. She did not offer the standard cookie-cutter solution so many before her had offered. Instead, she perfected a resume that generated several interviews and job offers immediately. Interviewers gave me many compliments on my well-designed and clear resume.

I do not hesitate to recommend Julie and Design Resumes. The services she provides are much more than the resume, a bio, or LinkedIn page. She has an invaluable personal touch. Simply put, with the powerful tools and advice she provides, Julie changes lives.

Susan Gordon Barker

SVP – Global Technology Operations, South Carolina

Julie is one of the best in the resume and coaching business that I have ever met and I recommend her to my business colleagues on a consistent basis without hesitation. She has a unique approach and doesn’t simply provide an exercise where she has you complete some type of form.

Julie gets to know her clients and, in a collaborative fashion, she creates your story while helping you to understand your strengths. For Career Marketing, there are none better than Julie!

Susan Barker - Design Resumes Testimonial
Dan Gish

Dan Gish

Construction Management Project Superintendent, Wisconsin

Just wanted to let you know I landed a job with the company I worked for building the hotel, and your resume helped me become the new project superintendent on their staff as well as a very competitive salary.

I think it helped create an urgency on their part to hire me or lose me.

Another residential home builder I interviewed with said my resume was the best he had ever seen. He had a masters degree from Marquette.  So Thanks again and just wanted to say well worth the Money.

Teresa Borja Martinez

Senior Business Development Manager, Nevada

Working with Julie gives me a sense of empowerment!  She helps you see your accomplishments in a different way.  Always a pleasure to learn from Julie what's new in her business and how many people have used her talents to move forward in their industry! 

Her attention-to-detail is fantastic.  She will go the extra mile to make sure your goals, accomplishments, and industry background are positioned in a way to give the interviewer will get a full picture of who you are. 

So grateful to be able to work with you, Julie!  You make a difference in my life!

Teresa Borja Profile pic 2021
Thomas Knowles

Thomas Knowles

Information Technology, Project Manager, Wisconsin

I worked in the IT industry and found myself in a situation I had not been in the past 17 years – unemployment!  When I started to create my resume, I completed extensive research on resumes and the latest trends hiring managers look for in resumes.  I found every HR department has their own way of “weeding out” candidates.

I ran into an old friend of mine who told me about Julie and her incredible skills!  I called and discussed options with Julie as I struggled to remember all my accomplishments.  Julie insightfully pulls information out of you while walking through your career life cycle!

She prompted me to remember things I couldn’t think of on my own.  Whether it was stress from losing my job or whatever caused my metal block, Julie helped me overcome it.

She pulls information out of you and articulates it perfectly into a resume! She keeps up with the latest trends and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to open positions and how best to approach those positions.  I recommend Julie to everyone I come across who needs assistance with their resume creation!

Maureen Sykora

Insurance Broker - Island Insurance Girl, Texas

My name is Maureen Sykora and I have been blessed by Julie’s expertise for the past three years.

Julie not only helped me find the right career path, but she also empowers me with insight and professional growth on a weekly basis.

I truly believe your career coach becomes even more valuable once you have the job you desire. Continual growth and inspiration will follow you with Julie! 

Maureen Sykora
Kevin Steinke, Operations Manager

Kevin Steinke

Operations Manager, Wisconsin

Julie is a tremendous asset in keeping updated on Resume Trends.  Julie helps streamline career accomplishments and saves valuable time professionally editing resume.

Julie will help keep your resume in focus and will help with your career strategy.  If you are passionate on being the best in your career, Julie should be your first call, as she is the best!

Dave Frigen

Chief Operations Officer, Telecommunications, Illinois

A very successful friend recommended Design Resumes, it was great advice. Working with Julie has produced three positive career advancements.
Not only does Julie design killer resumes, she coaches on what to anticipate during interviews. In my experience, the Design Resumes process produced consistent results with way more in first paychecks than invested.  
Beyond the money and success, the best thing that ever happened is loving what I do. Design Resumes comes highly recommended for a reason!
Dave Frigen
Andre Little, Testimonial for Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

Andre Little

Database Administrator — Events Logistics | Facilities IT Administrator, Florida

I give Julie the highest recommendation. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from a resume writing service.

She went above and beyond to help me achieve my goal of landing a new job.

If you don’t take advantage of her services you are missing out on a higher salary or landing a dream career.

Jesse Richardson, Testimonial for Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

Jesse Richardson

Healthcare Applications Analyst, Wisconsin

I turned to Julie for her resume writing expertise as a military service member making the difficult transition into the civilian workforce. I didn’t know where to start and she provided me guidance.

Julie truly has a way with words and her creativity shines through. If you are having a difficult time with your career transition, turn to Julie!

Corrine Ptacek

Senior IT Professional, Illinois

Julie has a very different and all-encompassing approach to resume writing. Through her skills assessments, she made me think about where I want to land and ensured my resume had the right verbiage to target my next role is one to fit my criteria.

I learned many things about my leadership style, preferred work environment and reasons why I needed to find these things in my next career move. I would highly recommend her resume/coaching packages as you will be very happy with the end result.

Julie is extremely professional and easy to work with as well.

Corrine Ptacek, Testimonial for Julie Walraven, Design Resumes
Linda Montgomery

Linda Montgomery

Vice President - Clinical Operations, Pharmaceuticals, New Jersey

Julie is a talented writer with a different approach to resume writing. Her process involves multiple interactive sessions, which I learned is unique in the career industry. By meeting interactively using Zoom technology we were able to see each other as we created the resume in real-time. After more than 10 sessions working together, I believe Julie really got to know ME as an individual.

Julie has written 1000s of resumes across multiple industries. Her creative ideas for call-out boxes, unique colors, and styles really impressed me. These creative recommendations and the fact that she really got to know me as a person delivered a resume with a very personal look and feel that I know is unlike any other. I felt Julie genuinely wanted me to like my resume and know that it reflected my professional experience.

I recall my time “before Julie” hiring a different resume writing firm and remembered it was very cumbersome. I filled out 20+ pages of questions and waited a couple of weeks for the writer to present the first draft. After a 15-minute call to make a few updates, I received my resume, which was good-looking, but impersonal.

My experience with Julie was very different and went well beyond getting a fabulous new resume written. I recommend Julie to anyone I know looking for a new resume. And you know, I miss talking to her!

Brenda Puck

University Technology Instructor, Wisconsin

I highly recommend Julie as a professional career management consultant. Her ability to assess my needs and desires, and work with me to create an overall digital profile that truly represents “who I am” is amazing.

It was time to give my professional profile some pizazz, and create a winning online presence. The first person I thought of was Julie. I can say that Julie helped me create the perfect career marketing strategy.

Give her personal virtual consultative strategy a try!

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