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Start with your finances!

Yesterday’s post was “You have to START to finish!” I promised to continue the theme of starting to finish. If this is a blog written by a professional resume writer, why then is my first topic about finances and not job search or resume writing or career planning? Money and finances are such a core…

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Is it time to invest?

adult-3147854_1280-1024x682 Is it time to invest?

Should you invest in your future? I fielded a client call from an individual who will be working with me to create her resume and strategize marketing approaches to launch her new career. As we discussed the details of working together, she repeated what she had said in our prior conversation, “You are an investment…

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The Psychology of Clean

Did you ever give thought to how differently you feel when you — or  your office — or your house is clean? I’ve been on a mission lately. Call it fall cleaning or whatever you want but I have been crawling under things, dusting and vacuuming, organizing files, sorting paperwork, and in general cleaning up. My…

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Rays of Hope in a dark world

Christine Livingston’s blog, A Different Kind of Work, Christine’s post is titled: “How the Threat of Layoff Can Scare You Sh*tless (and what to do about it) In her post, she gives firm steps on “how to get a grip.” Here’s part of her post: Get The Facts Detail can be thin on the ground during…

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Hurts Stay with You

Yesterday I shared the story of my own job loss. The lengthy post describes the lead-up and let down of the job loss and unemployment. I put the dates in the post, 1987. Hurts stay when you don’t expect the hurt What I never said was that though we worked for the same company since…

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