Forging Ahead & Merry Christmas!

I’ve been in a very reflective mood lately. As I have said in other posts, 2010 has been an amazing year for me. It has been filled with so many things, it is hard to focus sometimes.

Job seeker success stories

Lately, I have been hearing the same things from my clients, both the very new ones and the ones who have already achieved their goals. Here’s a couple of notes from my clients:

A year or so ago  I was fired and came to you to do a resume for me, not only did you do an awesome resume but you gave me a glimmer of hope that all was not lost. It was so much more than just a resume to me. Recently I was hired at XYZ full time! With better pay and hours than I previously had at my old job, things really do happen for a reason!!

She had been at her old position for 16 years and it hit her very hard. I am smiling so much rereading this note. But when I first received her e-mail, I had tears streaming down my face. I know her struggle and it is so much fun to see the victory.

I recently started working with a young man who had left his chosen field, taken a job he hated just for income, and quit looking for something in his field. This is what he said after we wrote his resume:

I think the resume is coming out really really well.. Just in the past 2 days rewriting my resume  has created a confidence or what I like to call a “swagger”. I can walk with my head upright knowing that just because I’m not doing what I want to right now, I really have a nice future ahead of me if I position myself correctly.

I just wrote about this in my most recent post, I see possibilities, but I wanted to share this with you. These two clients are not the exception. I have heard back from so many of the people I worked with this year.

Someone else chatted with me on Skype yesterday morning. He had decided not to move forward with his job search after we completed his resume but a company he really wants to work with found him on LinkedIn and he told me he is in his third round of interviews. He also told me that someone else we both know has had lots of leads generated from the LinkedIn profile we wrote for her.

I’m not the only resume writer / career marketing strategist with clients experiencing success. I see reports on Facebook and Twitter all the time and I hear it in phone conversations with colleagues. Not only that, many of us who are using social networking and blogging for our businesses have experienced an upsurge in business that we haven’t seen in the last few years. My own December career marketing income is currently up more than 480% when the month isn’t complete yet.

What does this mean?

  • For me, it tells me that job seekers are realizing the benefit of working with professionals and because we are hearing so many success stories of clients landing in new positions, I think it means that the economy is starting to recover. For all of us who have lived through these very tough times, we can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • For me, it also makes me excited to go into 2011. I have so many plans and goals.

Are you feeling the excitement and hope too? Let’s celebrate Christmas with joy and forge ahead into the new year with anticipation of good things!

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