Julie Walraven: Transforming Careers with Interactive Resume Writing

Empowering Career Transitions: Julie Walraven's Unique Approach

You may find it unusual to combine resume writing with career coaching, but this is exactly what makes me different! I coach as I write. Job search is hard. By working with you using Zoom, I help you bridge the many concerns and fears you have about job search, career transitions, and succeeding in your next role.

Julie Walraven's Distinctive Resume Writing Method: Interactive Resume Writing

I spend from 9 to 22 hours using interactive resume writing to write your Career Marketing materials, depending on your package choice

  • Real-time feedback to answer your job search questions. Together we ensure we capture their brand on LinkedIn and in your resume.
  • Coach you on best practices to be successful.
  • Debunk myths about job search and career marketing.

This live process takes time for both of us, but it ensures that you are ready to embrace your job search.

The Value of Individualized Career Coaching

Each client is different. You are different from other job seekers.

By meeting live in our Zoom calls throughout the project, I help you prepare to win your next role.

You understand the strategy and the pitfalls.

Client Testimonials: Voices of Success

A recent client, a technology executive, shared this recommendation on LinkedIn and gave me permission to use it on the website.

"I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Julie Walraven, an extraordinary and innovative master resume writer. I had the privilege of working with Julie, and I can confidently say that she is a true professional in her field. Julie possesses a unique talent for not only crafting exceptional resumes but also for guiding individuals through their career journeys in real-time using Zoom.

Julie's approach is truly exceptional. She goes beyond the conventional resume writing process by working directly with you, which sets her apart in the industry. Through her personalized coaching and Zoom sessions, Julie helped me identify my unique story and individual strengths. Her ability to uncover your strengths and experiences is nothing short of remarkable. Julie's guidance not only helped me put my best foot forward on paper but also empowered me to move forward with transitioning from a 25-year career in law enforcement and move forward in transitioning to the private sector with newfound confidence.

Julie's commitment to her clients is evident in her dedication and enthusiasm. She is a great listener and takes the time to understand your background, goals, and aspirations. Julie's attention to detail, combined with her profound knowledge of resume writing, ensures that your resume not only showcases your achievements but also resonates with your unique personality and professional journey.

In a world where career transitions and advancement are crucial, having a talented and experienced partner like Julie Walraven is invaluable. She has a genuine passion for helping individuals succeed, and her expertise in resume writing and career coaching is unmatched.

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone seeking to revamp their resume, define their professional narrative, and gain a competitive edge in today's job market. Julie Walraven is not just a resume writer; she is a career strategist and a dedicated partner in your professional growth."

He's not alone. My clients have given me many outstanding testimonials over the years. You can find more of Julie Walraven's coaching reviews here.

Embracing Technology and Diverse Career Paths

Each client goes at their own pace. I customize our sessions as I learn what the client needs. I have an extensive understanding of the issues job seekers may be dealing with and how to help them overcome them.

Benefits of personalized career coaching

I work with people in multiple career paths, including Technology, CPG, Luxury Brands, Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing, and Pharmaceuticals, I understand the challenges they face.

  • When someone is ready to move into a new executive role, they hire me to finesse their executive resume and LinkedIn profile as well as plan their networking strategy.
  • As leaders progress in their careers in turbulent economic conditions, they recognize the value of investing in more tools, services, and training to land the next role.
  • Parents recognize how critical it is to ensure the investment in college for their son or daughter yields a solid career, the parents often hire me to help the graduate succeed in landing key roles.

Are you ready for a Change?

Take a moment to check out my package page and then schedule a call with me to learn more about how this transformative journey can impact your job search.


Julie Walraven: Transforming Careers with Interactive Resume WritingJulie Walraven: Transforming Careers with Interactive Resume Writing

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