You can overcome your job search fears

Face it, since no one searches for a new job every day,  it is common to have job search fears. When you recognize that you are simply in the midst of a new adventure, it puts things in a different perspective.

How you face your job search fears

When you desire to learn a new skill, are you one of those who is willing to face it head on? If this skill is something you really want to conquer, you may hesitate a bit but you will press forward.

Job search fears are normal.

My wise friend, Joe Jacobi, wrote this in his post, The Transition Code:

So often, we try to peer through the rocks that create the bends in our lives. I used the word “through” intentionally, because most of us stare deeper and deeper into the obstacle instead of looking for the path that goes around it.

You see that big obstacle, a new job, and wonder how you will ever get past it.

As Joe says, “Look at the path, not the obstacle.” You take little steps to capture your resume stories and find your true value.

  • For some of you, that may mean reassessing your resume to inject more value.
  • Perhaps you aren’t using LinkedIn or have a bare bones profile, or don’t really know how to make LinkedIn work for you?
  • Some of you think online applications are the only way you get the next job and fail to use the hidden job market.
  • Many of you are afraid of networking, going out of your comfort zone to find people who will help you land your next role.
  • Still others of you think you have no value at all.

All of those are obstacles to your next job. I coached thousands of job seekers and job changers to help them win new jobs, gain coveted promotions, and even launch new ventures as we design resumes, create compelling LinkedIn profiles, and overcome job search fears. Is it your turn today?

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