How to ensure your resume sells your value

To make sure your resume sells your value, you have to define your value first. What do you bring to a job or a company that brings value?

This introspective thinking is foreign to some people when they think of writing a resume. This is especially true if they are between jobs when it can be harder to focus on seeing your value.

Too often, the job seeker is focused on skills and job descriptions. They want so hard to get the right key words in the resume that they haven’t even thought of writing resume stories.

If your resume sells your value, you will land the right job

What is a resume story? The resume story takes your work and transforms it into value. You substantiate what you do by thinking of it differently and focusing on what changed.

  • Leadership Development Program – Designed and piloted 12-month leadership development program testing new compensation concept delivering 36% growth in leadership base and driving $6.5 million in sales.
  • Organizational Effectiveness  – Key member of project team of successful $2.1 million relocation of Corporate headquarters. Identified inefficiencies of shrinking business, duplication, and implemented space planning strategies to consolidate operations in one location.
  • Training System Deployment – Deployed and transferred large Learning Management Project by completing a major data conversion from homegrown training program to SharePoint.

How do you learn to sell value in your resume?

Change your focus from getting a job to marketing yourself. My introspective process draws out the stories from my clients as we work together to capture that value.

I write for many people with different skills, goals, and job targets.

  • Some of the people I write for are writers themselves, marketing communications experts.
  • Others are HR professionals who understand that their resume needs outside eyes to help them find their value.
  • Still others are top sales professionals who routinely capture sales of millions of dollars.

Too often people are so worried about getting everything into the resume that it stops making sense to the reader.

Resume writing is an art because true professional resume writers have a people-focused vision who sees beyond the document and writing process to find a solution that helps the job seeker reach his or her goals.

Does your resume sell your value? Or do you need to collaborate with a professional resume writer who has helped 1000s of people reach their career goals.

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