Why Your Resume is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)


Is your resume missing the mark? How would you know? There is so much diverse information online that if you are trying to follow all the advice, you are likely to become confused.

The number 1 way to know if your resume is missing the mark

You are never contacted for interviews. The job of the resume is to get the interview. If you are never contacted to interview for a job that you really want, your resume is missing the mark.

The 3 top myths of resume writing and job search

  1. Keep it to one page. False. Successful resumes tell the story to get interviews. It is hard to do that in one page.
  2. The more keywords you include the better. True and false. You need keywords but they have to add value and help the reader understand why you would be great for the job.
  3. You always have to apply online. False. If you hold that all jobs are found online, you will miss 75% to 85% of the jobs that can be found through the hidden job market

How do I fix my resume?

  1. Incorporate accomplishment-driven stories that showcase your value for the specific role.
  2. Target your resume. One size never fits all. You need to tailor and target your resume to meet the needs of the company and the specific positions but this doesn’t mean a new resume every time. It means pay attention to detail.
  3. Open the resume with a series of your top resume stories targeted to the role. Don’t make the reader dig through multiple positions to find the best things you have done in your career.
  4. Don’t write job descriptions. All of this ties back to the resume story concept. You have to prove your value. Adding numbers and injecting quantified results will boost your resume.

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