Is it time to invest?

Should you invest in your future?

I fielded a client call from an individual who will be working with me to create her resume and strategize marketing approaches to launch her new career.

As we discussed the details of working together, she repeated what she had said in our prior conversation, “You are an investment for me, I need you!”

I love that refreshing and welcome response!

I do hear those “investment” words often from my forward-thinking clients. It runs opposite to the media outcries that would have us believe “the sky is falling.”

Crystal balls don’t work. Plenty of experts and reporters seem to think they have a crystal ball these days as you listen to the news.

I can’t see or predict the future but from experience I know that the more we sit on our hands and say “I cannot”, the more likely the results will be “I will not.”

What investments do you need to redirect your future?

  • Is your resume ready to help you professionally advance?
  • Do you have a compelling LinkedIn profile?
  • Are you leveraging content marketing to reach the career path and industry you desire?
  • Do you understand the hidden job market?
  • Are you getting your online networking strategy in gear?
  • Do you know how to re-enter the work force after time off?

The future is always unknown but only you can make it happen.

LinkedIn and the hidden job market are key. Susan Joyce says in “Tapping the Hidden Job Market (PUSH): “You reach this gold mine of jobs by networking your way into it, which is not as hard as it sounds in these days of social media, blogging, and email.”

You decide. Is it time to invest?

If your career goals are not being met, should you determine that hiring an expert will help? If your resume and LinkedIn don’t hit the mark, my unique interactive resume writing and career coaching style may be for you.

My long standing interaction with the career industry gives me access to credible experts in every area of job search. In addition, I write resumes and LinkedIn profiles to get you new views and teach you how to change your job search.

As we speak, I ask compelling questions pushing you to discover how you impacted the bottom line.

A short call with me will allow you to explore options, Learn more here.

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