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Never leave career change to chance

Career management is a philosophy that very successful people use and many other people never think about. When you don’t use career management, you find that you are leaving career change to chance and it can create chaos. What is Career Management? Career management is looking at your career as a project. You determine the…

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About Julie Saturday: Entrepreneurial Mindset

My entrepreneurial mindset has always been there. I would guess that I have always had a bit of the entrepreneur in me. defines entrepreneur as: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” Even as a child, I had that entrepreneurial mindset. I remember setting…

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5 reasons to stay calm in crisis

Stay calm. Some days that is very hard. Yesterday, among other things, this website crashed. Interesting day to have it happen. I had read a friend’s post about stopping complaining. How do we respond when we face crisis moments? My Christian Business Leader’s Group monthly breakfast met. The leader, Ron, selected the topic of “how…

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