Don't let your bad attitude rule your job search!

Don't let your bad attitude rule your job search!Bad Attitude? When a series of bad or unexpected things happen, it affects your attitude. Job seekers find it hard to roll with the punches when things happen every day to push them backwards. The car breaks, the roof leaks, or someone gets sick.

When everything seems backwards in your job search, look forward

I’ve written about this before. As an entrepreneur, I get the way job seekers feel. When you don’t have a regular paycheck coming in, you panic. Or when you work in a job paying you a fraction of what you need, you get upset. I get that. As an entrepreneur, I continuously strive to get ahead and put something aside for emergencies but there is never enough. I get it!

Make money stretch during your job search

As a wise job seeker, you already looked at all those little expenses that everyone talks about cutting out to save money. You don’t go get a coffee out every morning. You make your own. You brown bag your lunch. You haven’t seen a movie in 10 years. Vacation? What’s that?

You try to use wise financial principles, pay down your debt, and try to keep money in savings so when the unexpected happens you are ready. But you find yourself swimming in circles and watching everyone else succeed.

Bad Attitude? Ignore the little green monster and launch your job search

My mom always said, “Don’t let the little green monster take over.” I knew that she was talking about envy and jealousy, a bad attitude. When your world goes backwards, all the people around you seem to be doing the opposite.

They go on vacations to Hawaii and Mexico or Europe while you are lucky to go to the park.

They buy the new truck or fancy car while yours rusts in the driveway. You get the picture. The little green monster is winning.

Time for a recheck. What’s good in your life? Sounds trite to talk about counting your blessings but it really does work.

List four things that you can be happy about at this minute. In an hour or two, repeat.

If you feed the little green monster, he grows. If you ignore him, he shrinks. Once you push him out of the way, you can refocus and get moving in the right direction.

Now to move forward, let’s get your resume written. Channel the negative energy into positive and proactive energy to create a dynamic marketing document to position you to move forward in your own goals.

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