Stymied or at an impasse in your job search or life?

Stymied or at an impasse in your job search or life?

Stymied? One issue job seekers face is that feeling of panic or anxiety pulsing through their veins with not a clear cause. You can’t put your finger on it but you feel yourself looking at life through gritted teeth and clenching your jaw unnaturally.

Job seekers face high anxiety in their job search

Read this comment from a friend’s wall:

blah, a million things on my mind and nothing I can do about any of them. Guess I’ll try and get some sleep.

Can you relate? I can. Even as an entrepreneur and professional resume writer, I face those moments when I can’t focus or move forward. When I do feel this way though, if I stop to think about it, there are things I can do.

How to get out of the stuck feeling and make progress in your job search

  1. Make a list – Anyone who knows me well knows that I carried my Daytimer (paper) everywhere and completed a hand-written daily list with my colored pens.
    • Why paper? For me, the process of writing things down clarifies my plan and lessens my anxiety of possibly forgetting something important. You can do the same thing though with many online applications, scheduling programs, and other resources.
    • Why colored pens? Again, for me, the colored pens let me prioritize. Red is for urgent, green is for financial, blue is for household chores, and purple is for non-urgent office projects. I have a few other colors I use at times, a light blue for gardening (green is already used) and sometimes pink for Buddy tasks.
  2. Exercise – You don’t need a formal program or fancy equipment but as a professional resume writer I need to stop sitting at my desk. Sometimes I refill the wood box, going up and down the stairs multiple times makes my heart rate rise. Or I take Buddy for a walk, good for him and me. Or I play chase and ball in the backyard with him (or in the house if it is raining…)
  3. Eat – on the same note, did you eat lately? When we skip meals or eat junk food only, we miss the nutrition we need to function.
  4. Sleep – another basic and maybe this is part of your problem but without sleep, you will not be able to move forward.
  5. Music or a fun video – Sometimes I just take a Facebook break. No matter what you think about Facebook, I can usually find something someone shared that makes me smile.

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