Never leave career change to chance

Never leave career change to chanceCareer management is a philosophy that very successful people use and many other people never think about. When you don’t use career management, you find that you are leaving career change to chance and it can create chaos.

What is Career Management?

Career management is looking at your career as a project. You determine the direction and take the steps to ensure that you will reach your goals. Periodically, you reassess your career and make sure that you still agree with the direction.

Positive career change planning

  • Keep your resume updated
  • Track your accomplishments and quantify and qualify them
  • Network regularly with people who can help your career
  • Nurture your network by helping others
  • Keep current on industry trends and changes
  • Work on improving your technology skills
  • Maintain your LinkedIn Profile
  • Stay active in a positive way on social media

Career management is also finding ways to combine your passions with your experience and academic background. When you can land a role that takes each of these items and pulls them together, you will find yourself in a much more positive place.

With no career management plan in place, job loss is devastating

People who let their career manage them will find themselves devastated if they experience a job loss. They didn’t watch changing situations and the loss caught them unaware.

Career management in reverse

Some people experience even a worse career management meltdown which is not totally caused by chance but rather by their inability to invest themselves into their career or job. They don’t take it seriously and so even showing up for work on time is one of those things that is a low priority. It seems like their expectations is that the job will just continue to pay no matter what they invest in the process. Again they are part of the problem but they are still leaving change up to the chance that an employer will find their behavior to be problematic.

If you are one of those who want to be in control of your career, start today by looking closely at what you do at work and where you see the future going.

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