How to weave accomplishments in your resume

How to weave accomplishments throughout your resumeProfessional resume writers write accomplishment-focused resumes. To focus on the accomplishments in the resume, I create specific sections to showcase the best accomplishments:

  • Selected Accomplishments & Milestones
  • Leadership Success Highlights
  • Selected Highlights
  • Highlights & Accomplishments
  • Key Examples of Success
  • Significant Accomplishments

You weave accomplishments to show you can do the job

How do you write accomplishments that will capture the attention of hiring managers and win interviews? Be specific and illustrate the success with numbers when possible.

  • Capital Campaign ­ Spearheaded $2.2 million capital campaign in collaboration with Fundraising Chair and garnered commitments from high net worth prospects, securing gifts from $5,000 to $100,000.
  • Global Revenue Growth – Created compelling proprietary design showcasing trend and color. Drove increased global multi-channel high growth for company with 3000+ North American and European stores and 350+ franchised/licensed stores in Asia, Middle East, and Central America.
  • Talent Acquisition –  Executed key recruitment strategy to accelerate cardiology department operations from 3 to 8 physicians within a 24 month time frame.
  • Conceptualized and orchestrated major election forums, including two US Senate debates and five Congressional debates, including national television coverage.
  • Process Improvement – Inventoried and completed a total reorganization of the pharmacy, organized by drug class and then supplies, including creating a reference system.
  • Media Highlights – Interviewed by Scott Pelley on CBS show, “60 Minutes” for a story on the end of the NASA manned space program.
  • Program Launch –  Spearheaded the launch and implementation of hospital’s first-ever Orthopedic Technician program for emergency rooms, which remains active.
  • Lean Manufacturing Transformation –  Championed and directed lean manufacturing transformation in two separate facilities, with combined revenue of $650 million. Increased value from the customer’s perspective through waste elimination and the development of a continuous improvement culture.

Resonate with value and differentiate the individual

When you weave accomplishments in your resume, they resonate with value and differentiate you from the others you may be completing against. Many accomplishments are quantified and all are qualified. But statements like these are only the tip of the iceberg. In your individual job listings, your bullet points also need to show your value. They should be as specific as those above and clearly show how hiring you will benefit the company.

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