How to easily boost your resume to fit the job target

To boost your resume to fit the job target, make sure you select a specific direction and write to it. As I think about common problems of job seekers, it comes down to misinformation about job search. Job seekers often think one of two things:

  1. A One-Size Fits All Resume is all you need   OR
  2. You have to reinvent your resume from scratch every time you write the resume.

Both are incorrect!

Four tips to boost your resume

One size resume doesn’t fit all applications but you don’t to start over each time. To boost your resume for a new target, change four critical resume features to modify your resume to fit the goals of a new job target.

Your Headline (aka Job Target)

Rather than using a moldy old objective statement, boost your resume by creating a headline to focus your resume. Your headline will create immediate impact and tell the reader what you are looking for in a position.

Information Security Executive

Cyber Security | Information Risk Management | IT Risk Governance

Vice President of Technology


Leadership & Pipeline Development | Diversity Recruitment

Your Career Summary or Professional Profile

I often call this area your branding statement. Make it brief and punchy, filled with value but targeted to your goal and the job description.

Strategic and solutions-driven sales manager, expert in propelling sales teams to maximize growth and profits. Optimize team performance by clearly communicating vision, mentoring leadership to excel, and igniting competitive drive.

Profit-driven, future-focused executive, acknowledged for resourceful and analytical business perspectives. Drive technological advances and strategically manage processes in an ever-changing industry.

Analytical and Naturally Curious Technology and Business Transformation Leader with great breadth of experience. Deliver large-scale internal and external customer-facing software application implementations and technology solutions.

Your keywords, professional strengths, or core competencies

Change these to fit the job, substituting words that resonate with the employer’s specific needs.

  • Strategy & Roadmapping
  • ERP Development
  • Business Transformations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Migration & Implementation
  • Technology Convergence
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Agile Software Development
  • Emerging Technology

Your selected accomplishments or results.

To boost your resumes, create bullet points showcasing how you spearheaded change or revitalized organizations or streamlined processes to meet the needs of that particular job with a particular employer.

  • Recruitment – Developed strategic recruitment plans. Built key relationships with seasoned alumni or HR professionals with multiple executive universities around the globe. Coached team of successful young professionals to lead onsite recruiting teams.
  • Critical Asset Identification – Drove comprehensive identification of company’s most critical information assets by understanding value chain impact. Recommended future state set of controls to close gaps by targeting technical and process controls against the critical information assets.

How to use Save As in your resume to boost your resume

Before you decide this is too much work, use a resume writer’s friend, the “SAVE AS” option! Simply save your resume with a new name in the same folder with your other resume documents and make small changes to boost your resume

Keep another document with extra accomplishment statements that didn’t fit with your original resume. Cut and paste into your new SAVE AS resume. Change the headline, tweak the branding statement, change keywords, and add new accomplishments. You are good to go.

If challenged by the process, invest in a professional resume writer who creates new content for clients daily. This will save you dollars in the long run.

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