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How to stop others from defining your future

Are you defining your future? Or are you letting everyone else define your future? Often people put their future in the hands of their employer or the economy and wake up feeling resentful when it doesn’t work out. Start defining your future by being proactive If you assume your current job or employer holds your…

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Is it time to change my job?

Is it time to change my job? You should always be prepared for a career change whether you are currently employed or are unemployed. What happens when economic confidence drops When people don’t feel confident about the economy, they don’t invest in services and products. You see less people buying new cars, building new homes,…

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Never leave career change to chance

Career management is a philosophy that very successful people use and many other people never think about. When you don’t use career management, you find that you are leaving career change to chance and it can create chaos. What is Career Management? Career management is looking at your career as a project. You determine the…

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How do you write a resume?

bigstock-185595553-1024x683 How do you write a resume?

How do you write a resume? Prospective clients often ask me in the initial call, “what is your process? They want to know what is expected of them and how my resume writing process works. What makes me unique and differentiates me from most resume writers on the globe, is that I write your resume…

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