Are you driving your career or is it driving you?

Are you driving your career or is it driving you?It is easy to get complacent. It is easy to assume that everything will stay the same but it rarely does. You may think that you are in charge of your career or at least you may have started out that way. As life rolls on, many people find that they no longer feel in control of their career.

Whether it is the economy, the industry, a combination of both, or other factors out of your control, many people find that the career path they chose doesn’t work for them any more. Sometimes they may feel that it doesn’t fit any more. I have worked with health care professionals, educators, and industrial executives who entered into a career with a plan and now feel that things are not going their way.

Where do I start?

If you are feeling like you are no longer driving your career, you need to figure out what would get you on track again. As I work with clients in discovery, we talk about what isn’t working and what they would like to do. We discover long forgotten dreams and new ideas. As we discuss options, we do a lot of brainstorming so we don’t immediately discuss ideas just because they seem hard or unusual. Today’s technology opens many more doors to global roles than ever before and we are less tied to location than ever before.

Employees can work remotely or travel to locations periodically while doing most of their work from home. They can communicate around the globe with ease from virtually any location. They can find resources to complete projects without having to be in the same place as the resources. Mobile technology makes many things possible.

Could I be an entrepreneur?

Sometimes when I speak with a client, they have always wanted to try their hand at their own business. We talk through those kinds of opportunities too. We look at what it would take to make their entrepreneurial dream possible. We discuss their command of technology and what resources are available. Would their idea work? Most of the time people discard ideas because they are afraid to take the next step.

Who is driving your career?

If you feel that someone else is driving your career, maybe it is time to explore options and take back your career management.

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