Are you at the "top of your game" or career?

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My resume and career marketing clients often have one thing in common. The latest one to book an appointment this morning said the same thing, “I want to be at the top of my game.” All of them have been at the top of their game. In fact, they have been game changers.

The Key Player – Top Employee

People who are not content to sit still and be complacent or let the world roll by them. People who want to make a difference and be a key player in their organization. Recent resume clients come from different fields. What they bring to the table is enthusiasm, dedication, and a remarkable ability to reflect on what they have done in the past and see how they changed the results.

The Minimal Worker

Contrast that with the person who simply goes to work every day. They do the same thing, the bare minimum to get by whether it is processing insurance claims and barely making quota, or pushing out the required number of pieces on the assembly line, or contacting the set number of people on the sales list for the week, or teaching a class just to get the information out. This person will never lead the department, earn top sales, be promoted to Dean, or direct an organization. For them, its the bare minimum and no more.

I have been blessed with more than my share of game changers as my resume clients. People not content with status quo, who want to grow in their field and give back 1000% every day. This type of client challenges me to dive deep into their career experience and dig up all the Tell me Why stories I can find.

When we discussed dates on your resumes, the comments were very interesting. Many pointed to needing to see months on the resume in order to make sure the job seeker isn’t hiding anything. Here’s my response to one of those comments:

I guess it would matter what the person did in the 14 months. I understand that there is a concern about honesty as another commenter mentioned, but I know people who have poured in so much value in 14 months and others who have been in a job for 10 years and never gave their all or made a difference to the company’s bottom line.

Are you a game changer? We’d work well together! I love finding the value in people who give their all to whatever they do and writing resumes and other marketing strategies to move them to their next role.


  1. Julie Walraven on November 7, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Glad you keep at it, Henway! You keep learning and you will be the best at whatever you choose to work on.

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