If your job search isn't working, is it time to discover the secret to success?

If your job search isn't working, is it time to discover the secret to success?

What is the secret to job search success? Why is it easier for some people and harder for others? Sometimes you just can’t get traction even when everyone else seems to be winning new jobs.

The magic formula or secret to job search success

I would like to tell you there is a magic formula but the reality is that it comes down to making yourself visible to the right people in the right way. Or maybe that is the secret to job search success and why so many people struggle? They make themselves invisible.

How to improve your visibility and win your next job

I say this all the time. Too many people focus only on the online job search. While applying online is generally part of the formula, it is not the only way to land that next role.

First of all, you need to define what that role is so that you will be found. One of the other common trends among job seekers is to let that desperation take over and apply for anything that looks close. You need to choose the positions you really want, research the company, and position your marketing (yes, marketing – you are the product!) to meet their needs.

If you want a job with a particular company, find out everything you can about the company:

  • What are the products or services?
  • How do they define their mission and goals?
  • What is their reputation in the market place?
  • Do they have new products or services rolling out?
  • Are you an expert in one facet of their business?
  • How are they perceived by competitors?
  • Can you help them reach new markets?
  • What would you do in your role to help the company be more successful?

After you have done the research, you are ready to fine-tune your marketing materials to the role you want. What marketing materials? Your resume, LinkedIn, the cover letter, and networking introductions to company insiders.

Don’t go broad, go specific. The secret to job search success is knowing what you really want and creating the path to get there. Need some help? I have helped thousands of people find their own secret to job search success.


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