Is your resume ready when things break?

Not complaining but I am getting tired of the list of things that break lately. It reminded me that job seekers should always have their resume ready. You never know when things will break.

Is your resume ready in case the economy breaks?

My story of things that break starts with the lawnmower. The front right wheel stopped turning and then it blew out black smoke and wouldn't start after that. It was old. So we decided a repair wasn't worth it (and the grass was getting long) so my husband bought a new model from Sam's Club. It was only $200 but it works so much better that now I can whip through our hilly yard.

See the challenge?

Next, the dishwasher (only 5 years old) refused to wash the dishes. We'd start a cycle, it would run but nothing came out clean. In this case, my husband glued the top edge where it kept snagging (with Gorilla glue) right by the top control panel. I knew since he left the bottle on the counter and the glue was running down the outside. He doesn't see how gluing near an electronic panel could be a problem. (I'm going to hide all the glue.) The new dishwasher was installed yesterday with a 5-year warranty. Sigh...

Two nights ago, my third office monitor blew. The replacement will be here on Friday.

The clock in the dining room stopped functioning. The new one will also be here on Friday.

Oh, and the car fuel pump will be replaced next week.

I hope it stops soon. This is getting incredibly old. But I know things break, plan ahead. Financial advisors tell you to have 3 months to a year in reserves. Mike Michalowicz, the author of multiple books including Profit First suggests setting up the Vault account:

The VAULT Account. Initially, this is the “oh shit” account, the amount of savings you must have on hand to get through the month if—scratch that—when something dire happens. Now, Suze Orman recommends saving eight months’ worth of living expenses, but that’s not doable right off the bat for the average human being on this planet. However, you will work toward it slowly and methodically—you know, Profit First style. A good starting balance for the Vault is one month’s rent or mortgage payment. If you can spare that right now, transfer it to the Vault immediately. Remember, this account must be difficult to access (e.g., different bank, no online banking, no checkbook, etc.). Once you eradicate debt, the Vault will grow and grow, with the intention of having the cash you save here eventually become a source of income.

Michalowicz, Mike. Profit First (pp. 166-167). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

When things go wrong, is your resume ready?

It is the same as a job search. Everything can be going along great and then it isn't. Your company may be acquired or closed. A newer model may replace you. The economy may make the business unprofitable, and you need to seek a new role. We never know what challenge will pop up next.

Plan ahead! Make sure you have your resume ready.

Did you know that even with professional resume writers, it takes time? For some writers, it takes time just to get on the schedule. Once you are on the schedule, depending on the writing process, it can take weeks before your resume is delivered. In the Design Resume process, you work live (on Zoom) writing with me, which makes it a faster process. However, you must be ready to share the stories to position yourself for the next role.

Some of my clients are prepared, others not so much. Do you know what is needed in the next role? Can you detail what makes you successful to position you for the next level? Some resume writers ask you to complete an extensive worksheet before they write.

I don't. Generally, I can get your success stories out of your head while we are writing. When I can't, I ask you to do a deep dive in the off time between appointments to strategize your wins. Your wins must be positioned to sell you for the next role.

Do you know your success stories? Save time by brainstorming them today so your resume will be ready when you need it.

After your resume is ready, it sets the stage for everything else: your LinkedIn profile, your executive bio, your cover letters, your networking tools, and the entire job search plan.

Is your resume ready? Things will break. Are you ready? If you want to be ready, I can help. 

Is your resume ready when things break?

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