How I market your best resume stories, identify your strengths, and capture your value

Finding your best resume stories is my goal. What a professional resume writer wants when writing a resume is very different from how a job seeker approaches resume writing.

Most job seekers get sucked in worrying about keywords and matching job descriptions. This creates a boring resume that does little to market the job seeker.

What stories? best resume stories?

Why am I talking about stories? Isn’t a resume supposed to be a business document? Read that “dry, boring business document” you need just to pass go in a job search.

Not at all. A resume is a marketing tool. The goal of the resume is to target you for the right position. Job search is work but fulfilling work if you do it right.

At Design Resumes, I created a process that is unique to help you uncover your strengths. Together we find and capture your value. After these discoveries, I help you market yourself for the career and specific job.

Like this:

  • New IT Support Model – Directed and coordinated roll out of innovative flagship technical support walk-in center at World Headquarters in New York City. Generated $500K in revenue and improved goodwill by allowing end users to speak directly to technical support.

Or this:


Shaped explosive corporate growth from $6.8B to $10.1B

  • Increased overall square footage by 1.5M sq ft
  • Expanded R&D labs, data centers, and complex communication rooms by 750K sq ft
  • Pivotal in robust electrical distribution and mechanical systems development that support new business units (semiconductor chip designs)

Or this:

Global Sourcing Strategy – Conceptualized and authored global sourcing strategy to reduce reliance on southern China from +70% to >50% of PartyLite imports by diversifying supplier base beyond traditional Shenzhen-DongGuan-Guangzhou axis to incorporate coastal and northern China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, India, North America, Chile, Brazil, and the majority of Europe.

Your best resume stories are unique to you

One of the issues you as a job seeker faces is that it is very hard to see your own stories. Working together, Design Resume clients find their best resume stories as we write the resume together in interactive screen sharing sessions.

You read online that no one can write your resume better than you. That’s only true if you are a talented writer with a good introspective look at your talents and skills.

However, working with me as your resume writer in live sessions, we collaborate. As your guide, together we discover your value, identify your strengths, and build the best resume and career marketing strategy to land jobs you love.

Is your career worth it? Are you worth it? I can help you make it happen. Learn more here.

How I market your best resume stories, identify your strengths, and capture your value

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