Want To Be Amazing At Job Search Strategy? Here’s How

Maybe you have never realized that you need a job search strategy. You just figured you would put together this resume thing and put online and it would work. But it won’t.

Is your job search strategy compelling?

Are you marketing in the right direction? I have seen people put together resumes that point themselves in the wrong direction. They want one role but the way they position themselves and the messages they send on LinkedIn are not going to get them there.

One of the things I do with my clients is to analyze where they have been and where they want to go. If you build a resume and LinkedIn profile to market you for sales but you hate sales, you will get the wrong calls.

On the other hand, if you position your value without detailing and quantifying your successes, your ability to land the roles at the level you desire will be seriously hampered.

Create an effective and targeted job search strategy

Where do you want to work? What types of firms? Do you want to transition? Don’t sell the old you. Sell the you that you want to be.

People call me to say they have a resume started, can I just fix it for them. I know immediately that they need more than a fix. The clients who hire me to help them get it. They understand the value of targeted marketing and know that to position themselves for the right role, it is much more than the piece of paper some people see resumes as being.

How important is your career?

Most of the people I work for make more than $100,000. Often I work with people who make six figures and up. They want to continue to grow in their careers. It is easy for them to understand that hiring an expert to drive their job search strategy will pay back over and over. For them, my services are an investment in their future.

The collaborative and interactive sessions position them to win new roles that fit them well and position them for even greater financial returns. They understand the value of a job search strategy because they are strategic and critical thinkers who regularly position the companies they work for to achieve higher goals.

My resume packages are created with your needs in mind and I continually search for new tools to help you like Jason Alba’s 6-week daily audio Job Search Program, which is designed to keep you moving in your job search so you can’t get stuck. (Recently add to all 3 packages)

Don’t call the month in the month! Hire me to help you with your career marketing!

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Want To Be Amazing At Job Search Strategy? Here’s How

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