Job seeker, does your social media offer the best first impression?

We all want to make the best first impression and put our best foot forward, right?

But in a world of social media, it is more difficult than ever before.

I talked about Facebook No-no’s in this post, Could these 3 Facebook No-Nos make you lose your job? I often speak to job seekers about the importance of the right attitude in job search and when you are working.

I wrote about attitude, particularly bad attitudes in 5 Reasons to check your attitude. You really have to watch your step when the whole world is watching you.

But it is getting so much more difficult to keep your presenting your best self. The limits of bad behavior have been stretched so far that many people fail to think about making a good first impression.

Match your online behavior with your career

You think you already have everything under control. You are careful not to live in a way that would get you in trouble. You don’t drink too much or take risque photos of yourself.

What could get you in trouble?

One peek at the comments on almost any news post will open the door to many people who apparently don’t get the connection of how social media can affect your future. Did you know many employers launch a full-scale search on Google, Facebook, and other social media whenever a job submission is completed?

Many people rely on privacy settings to avoid employers seeing content that is not appropriate but there are many workarounds to privacy settings. Ask any lawyer, insurance claims adjuster, private detective, or law enforcement personnel. There are ways to get your information.

What should you do?

Don’t post it in the first place.

Does your social media presence offer the best first impression?

I believe a quality social media presence can be a huge asset to a job seeker. It can connect you with decision-makers, rally your networks to help you, and increase your visibility. But you have to use common sense.

I coach people on best strategies for marketing themselves in general and for job search specifically. Would you like to know how? Learn more.

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