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How to make better career goals

Hunting for a job? Perhaps you need better career goals. As I work with job seekers, we talk about targets and goals. In their hearts, most people desire success. How they define success is often very different. What is important is how YOU define success! Better career goals for you Even within the same field, people…

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How do you write a resume?

bigstock-185595553-1024x683 How do you write a resume?

How do you write a resume? Prospective clients often ask me in the initial call, “what is your process? They want to know what is expected of them and how my resume writing process works. What makes me unique and differentiates me from most resume writers on the globe, is that I write your resume…

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When technology gets in the way of people

Are we eliminating people from the equation? Anyone who knows me well knows I love technology and use it every day. But there are times when even I think we went too far with depersonalization of processes and made it harder than easier. Did automated loan processes remove the personal relationship with your banker? I talked…

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