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Don't lack confidence or derail your job search!

A client interviewed with a battery of executives using video technology (Zoom, WebEx, Skype.) She fast-tracked herself from starting to work with me to write her resume on December 12 to landing interviews with more than one company in a month with holidays in the middle. Just getting into an interview cycle with one company…

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The impact of what you say online

social-1958774_1920-1024x683 The impact of what you say online

Do you think about what you say online? We have moved into a very communicative age. You can talk on so many different platforms with a click of a button. How politics changed with the advent of social media The United States and my home state of Wisconsin has had one of the most volatile…

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What to do when your best intentions fail

Yikes, no one wants to be labeled a failure. Most people do anything they can to avoid failing. Yet unfortunately, there are times when it happens. Economic failure creates more failure This economy has created more failures than possibly ever before in history: People who have never ever lost a job, lost their job. People…

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