Don't lack confidence or derail your job search!

Don't lack confidence or derail your job search!A client interviewed with a battery of executives using video technology (Zoom, WebEx, Skype.) She fast-tracked herself from starting to work with me to write her resume on December 12 to landing interviews with more than one company in a month with holidays in the middle. Just getting into an interview cycle with one company is a victory for most job seekers.

She’s highly qualified and she will bring exceptional value to any organization that decides to hire her. So what’s wrong?

When you lack confidence

Somewhere deep inside, she doubts she can convince the hiring managers of her value. Her resume already Wowed them and everyone else who has read it.

She has an inside track with a person who knows her. She made it through the initial interview and this one is with multiple executives. Interviewing is nerve-wracking, job search can mess up your confidence. But she can do the job.

We practiced questions during interview coaching. She is the most organized and detail-oriented person I ever coached in interviewing skills. Not only did she ensure her background for the video interview looks marketable, but she practiced how to sit, how to make eye contact and placed notes for her to review that are invisible to the interviewer.

This woman is ready! But she struggles with the same thing you and I struggle with when we face the unknown. Prepared and ready, she knows the people interviewing her are the ones in charge. When we don’t have total control, we can be the best in the world but we lack confidence and doubt sets in.

What if you lack confidence in a phone or video interview?

First of all, you do everything this client has already done. Pay attention to the details and make sure you eliminate the normal pitfalls. Plan ahead.

  • If you are interviewing via video or even on the phone, take the time to “dress to shoes!” This means dress like you are going to the most important meeting of your life even if you are not leaving your home. Ladies, this means hair and make up as well as an attractive business attire. Gentlemen, this is dress up time.
  • Coach with someone. A career professional is a great choice but just coaching through some interview questions will get you prepared.
  • Stage the visuals like in a movie. Let the camera only see what you want them to see.
  • Make notes and position them where you can read them directly in front of you without the camera seeing them will give you even more confidence.

These tips will make you more confident going into an interview. In the end, you must believe you can do the job and convince the other party you are the one. You can do it!

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