Puzzle-piece-300x235 Is your resume getting you interviews?The true test of whether a resume is working or not is if it is getting calls for interviews. This assumes that you have mastered the art of job search and are targeting the right jobs with your resume.

Is your resume getting you interviews?

If you are being called for interviews, landing interviews, and not being hired, the problem then is with your interviewing skills or your job target may be overcrowded.

Many of us in the career space work with clients who have multiple job search problems. As a professional resume writer, I typically start with the resume. I analyze it to determine if the resume is meeting the target of the job search.

You cannot just fill in the blank in online applications with random data

As I discussed here, you cannot expect to just fill in the blank in online applications randomly without a strategy. To be successful, you need to start by formulating what you plan to convey in your application. The best way to do  this is by strategically creating your resume and selecting accomplishments (success stories) that match the target of the jobs you are focused on landing.

It’s the economy?

This is a very difficult economy and the five years of the recession as well as the political upheaval and party in-fighting has made jobs even scarcer. That being said, I believe using ineffective job search strategies, ineffective resumes, and ineffective interviewing techniques may add to the reasons so many people are unemployed.

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