Top 10 Resume Tip #1 – Answer why should I hire you?

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Top 10 Resume Tip #1 – Answer why should I hire you?

And for my finale post in the series, Top 10 Resume Tips, you need to make sure your resume answers, “Why should I hire you?” I answered this question previously in this post, Tell me Why.

Unless you demonstrate to the employer that you are the best candidate in your resume, you are likely to be passed over for the next candidate. You won’t be called for the interview and you won’t be offered the job. You need to show the hiring manager that you are the One.

It is a tough economy and it is a challenge to be hired but most of the time, I find that many job seekers take the basics with a grain of salt. They think a resume is a piece of paper not a golden ticket:

As long as you see the resume as “just” a piece of paper and not worth you spending your time to delve into the benefits and advantages you bring to the next employer, you will struggle in your job search. A resume crafted with value-infused phrases depicting your accomplishments is much more than “just” a piece of paper. Like Charlie’s Golden Ticket, that resume can transport you to new opportunities and new focus on life.

Sounds much better, right? The first step is a quality, accomplishment-filled resume. The next step is to find your network, start informational interviewing, and start practicing sharing your value in mock interviews.

If you think you will get stuck when the hiring manager asks, “Tell me why I should hire you?” then you need to spend some time thinking deeply about the question. Keep your job search targeted on positions you really are able to fill and you will find yourself in that new career quickly.

If you are still not sure how to answer the why you should hire you question, it is time for you to contact a professional who can walk you through the steps and get you back on track quickly.

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