You landed! So why you are complaining about your new job?

You landed! So why you are complaining about your new job?Would you believe many former job seekers who spent a long time looking for a job are now complaining. Their status may say, “Can’t wait for a break! I just want to have some fun! Then back to the grind!”

Honestly! I know it is easy especially when you are young to look forward to Fridays, breaks, and holiday. There is nothing wrong with liking your time off. But I hear chronic complaining from people who just a few months ago devastated because they couldn’t find a job.

You are working, you are blessed!

If you land in the wrong place, very quietly start positioning yourself to move. But don’t announce it to the world on Facebook or Twitter!

Instead of doing the whining and complaining, perhaps this is the kind of status you should be posting:

who ever said waiting never paid off didn’t know what the hell they were talking about… My life has never been better! I have an awesome family, the best friends in the world!!!, and a job i love!

You may feel safe whining and complaining on social media but other people are watching. You may have your privacy settings high but people seem to find ways of finding out.

Things are getting better in the economy but this is not the time to be stupid.

Save your complaining for at home in private and put your game face on for the rest of the world.

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