Don't bite the hand that feeds you

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is an old expression that comes to mind when I am coaching job seekers or when I observe people on social media or in public.

A Complaining Society

We have become a complaining society and all of us are guilty of that at one time or another.

Meaning of “Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You“:
– Don’t hurt anyone that helps you. To “bite the hand that feeds you” is to harm someone who has been helping you.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you online

Everything is connected today and it is so easy to “bite the hand that feeds you.” Complaining over the fence in the olden days could mean that the gossip mill might pick up your complaint and share it around your immediate neighborhood. Now a complaint uttered on social media about your boss, your job, your customers, or your coworkers can make it around the world in minutes.

Career Suicide

As you contemplate searching for a new position or after you land a new position, be careful what you say both in person and online. Whether you are prompted to complain about the job, the customers, or the boss, just don’t. In today’s economy, none of these will be ignored. As companies are working hard to get and keep customers, it becomes even more critical that you think about what you say. Customers are the bread and butter of every business and it is critical not to bite the hand that feeds you.

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