Where do I find an industry list for companies in my area?

Where do I find an industry list for companies in my area?

“Where do I find an industry list for companies in my area? What are the jobs near me?” a client asked. She was hoping to find a way to figure out who to target for her job search. I paused before I answered. She went on to say, “should I check with the library or does job service have that?” Both of those would have been great answers 10 years ago but now the answer is different.

How do I find an industry list for companies and places hiring near me?

When you have a question about almost anything, the first place you should look is … drumroll please… GOOGLE! You don’t have to go hunting for an obscure list or book to find information, Google it.

Start by Typing Jobs Near Me.

How? Start with keywords. Start with the most basic search of Jobs Near Me. This should give you a broad idea of what opportunities may be out there in every industry.

Easy directions to using Google effectively

To get better results narrow your search to a specific industry or term. For example, If you are looking for a job in insurance and really want to know who is in insurance in your area, just Google insurance + your city’s name.

Now that’s not exactly what I would look for or how I would look. However, it is the right answer that will save a heck of time compared to using a phone book or running to the library. Hoover’s has a definitive industry list for companies. You can get some of the information for free.

I also advise my clients to use job boards like my favorite: LinkUp to find listings with the keywords in them or use LinkedIn to research a company and find out who works there or what positions may be open. The point is that resources abound.

Once you are effective with your Jobs Near Me Search, Step away from the Computer

Next, you need to become unglued (to your computer!)

Once you figure this out, don’t stay glued to your computer.

  • Pick up the phone and make calls to people you know who are connected to the companies you want to know more about.
  • Arrange a meeting, either in-person or over the phone.
  • Take action and network.

When you get to the application stage, don’t forget that you need to Google you because companies will Google and launch a complete social media search. You want to know what they will find.

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Where do I find an industry list for companies in my area?


  1. John on September 3, 2012 at 1:32 am

    This is probably the most helpful article I have read to date. Thank you for you insights.

    • Julie Walraven on September 8, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      Happy it helped you. Hope you come back to visit.

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