4 Top Tips to help job seekers increase visibility on Google

No doubt about it, it is critical that job seekers increase visibility on Google. Social media marketing comes into play in everything today.

Social Media Marketing should also be part of every job seeker’s career marketing plan. As I work with a variety of clients, some understand the role this brave new world of online marketing plays in the job search. Other job seekers are totally clueless.

How do job seekers increase visibility on Google?

Start with a Fully Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Each of my three packages includes writing and optimizing of the job seeker’s LinkedIn profile. I ask what their goal is with LinkedIn. Some answer this is the place they feel professionals need to be online. Others state they heard recruiters value LinkedIn as a recruiting source. Still others see it as a tool employers use to find people.

The difference between being on LinkedIn with a fully optimized profile and just being on LinkedIn is you need keywords and accomplishments in your profile. You also need more than a presence.

Showing up on LinkedIn helps job seekers increase visibility

Once your profile is fully optimized, start connecting. When I started on LinkedIn, I was told to reach 60 connections and I would start seeing LinkedIn working for me. The revised number is now 100. You do need to make sure those are valuable connections.

You need to use LinkedIn to make it work for you. Actively search employers and figure out who knows the employers in your network (this gets easier as you build connections), use LinkedIn’s own job tab to see which employers are posting on LinkedIn and apply through LinkedIn’s EasyApply. Follow-up with any connections you can see that are decision-makers.

Presence on Social Networks: Twitter and Facebook

Just as with LinkedIn, job seekers increase visibility on Google by being strategic in messaging on every platform. You can’t simply post things off the top of your head like: “I need a job” because being needy or looking needy never works.

In the early days when I was learning social media, I commented on many blogs using my name. This strategy and other references to my name via media and my own posts made a Google search for Julie Walraven expand to many pages. It takes time to do this.

Your own Content Marketing site (blog)

Launching your own space will make you more visible on social media but it is not easy and should not be taken lightly. It is a commitment. This blog has more than 1100 posts on it as well as the extra content from resume samples, pricing pages, and more but it took an effort to get here.

Job seekers and career changers should not ignore all these “nifty” new tools. But at the same time, use them correctly.

I guide job seekers in the use of social media while we create their job search strategies and tools, which today include resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, executive bios, and more. Learn more.

4 Top Tips to help job seekers increase visibility on Google


  1. Akshat Goel on August 17, 2014 at 1:23 am

    I feel a good social media profile would be enough to increase your visibility on google because all social media profiles are crawled by google. Moreover creating a blog can also be a good choice to increase your visibility.

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