How do you write a resume?

How do you write a resume? Prospective clients often ask me in the initial call, “what is your process?

They want to know what is expected of them and how my resume writing process works. What makes me unique and differentiates me from most resume writers on the globe, is that I write your resume with you. We use Zoom today as the technology that allows you to see my screen and actively participate in our sessions.

As clients compare resume writers, one of the determining issues can be the process.

Do I need to give you my existing resume?

Short answer, Yes, if you have one. If there is an existing resume, it tells me several things. It gives me your work history so we have the data needed for the next one.

Seeing your existing resume also tells me the caliber of what you have been using. All professional resume writers have different styles and strategies. However, a professionally written resume even if it is older gives a strong base to start with than one created in school.

What do you do with my existing resume?

I like to have the existing one at my side for reference but every project starts with a blank page. Your old resume is usually on my second monitor so I can study the content and rewrite as I go.

What I don’t do is open it and start writing. Your project begins with a blank document.

What is your process?

My process is fairly different than many other professional resume writers. I built my Design Resumes business on in-person client meetings and though my business is now national and even global, I still deliver the same way except with clients out of the area, I use Zoom.

A client who wants to work with me needs to decide that their career is so important to them that they will dedicate time to meet via Zoom or in-person.

  • The road map. Every new resume and career marketing client starts out by building a project road map with me. We look at my samples (both online and offline) and determine the full project scope from formatting to targets and timelines.
  • The framework. After the road map is completed, we start formatting while you watch. Throughout the project, we adjust the look and the content. This formatting time gives us the framework and the master plan for additional career marketing documents.
  • The interview. I conduct a comprehensive interview while writing your project live. You give me information verbally and I create the draft of the content. We edit throughout the project and I will analyze the content as needed between sessions. There are multiple sessions at this stage.
  • The next steps. Depending on the package you bought, we write the cover letter to one of the targets you selected, create a reference page, and we write your LinkedIn profile and I coach you on top LinkedIn strategies.

How much time do I need?

It depends. You select the resume package of your choice. Typically, projects run from 8 hours to 28 hours of meeting time depending on your package choice.

How fast can you complete a project?

One mistake many job seekers make is waiting too long to start with a professional resume writer. If you are trying to make a deadline for a job opening, plan ahead to schedule time with me.

When I am at peak volume, there are times when I am scheduled a week or more out before I can even set your first appointment. This is true of most experienced certified resume writers and even more so with ones with extensive experience.

The best advice? When you realize investing in a professional will change the direction of your career, start planning to set aside time to work on your project.

What’s your client’s success rate?

Each individual is different but my clients get interviews and offers. How fast that happens depends on how motivated they are to change positions and their field or industry.

Critical to their pace is whether the job seeker uses networking and targeting as part of their strategy. Last week, I had four “Yay” stories. Every success email or call makes me happy. My goal is to see my clients win.

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