5 characteristics of the extremely successful job seeker

extremely successful job seeker Why does it seem that some people always land on their feet? Adversity may strike, loss of job, financial trouble, or other issues but some people seem to always bounce back while others flounder. With many years as a career professional, I have seen the traits that make some people able to be the extremely successful job seeker.

You might think it is their expertise in their field or the field itself but while this does play a part, I know that even when we compare apples to apples, there are some people who are at the same level of expertise in their field and in the same field who will land so quickly and do so well compared to someone else with similar background and skills.

5 characteristics of the extremely successful job seeker

  1. Proactive
  2. Confident
  3. Connected
  4. Prepared
  5. Focused

The Proactive Jobseeker

The proactive job seeker is looking prior to an inconvenient or untimely company restructuring or downsizing. This individual knows his field well but he also has his eye on other fields that could use his skills. Rather than waiting for things to fall apart, she or he is on top of things. His resume is ready, his LinkedIn profile is optimized, he networks and nurtures his network on a regular basis.

The Confident Jobseeker

No woe is me attitude here. This job seeker is vested in his career and exudes confidence in every encounter. He may have been hit with a sledgehammer but he pops right back up and looks at a challenge in the eye.

The Connected Jobseeker

Because he is also proactive, this job seeker focuses on the pluses in his network. He’s the guy who manages his contacts and regularly remembers special events in the lives of those around him. He doesn’t just have many connections, he has connections who he can call in the middle of the night and ask for a big favor and they will be there for him.

The Prepared Jobseeker

Again being proactive, he is prepared. He understands the need to constantly update his resume, study the competition, find new opportunities, and he watches trends like social media to see how he can leverage new trends to his advantage. If he has to look for a new role, he harnesses resources and prepares for interviews with rehearsals, role play, and research.

The Focused Jobseeker

As a focused employee or careerist, this individual drills down on the important things in life and doesn’t let bumps and bruises in life distract him from his targets. He focuses on one step at a time and successfully navigates minefield in life and business on a daily basis.

As you evaluate what is happening in today’s economy, you will be an extremely successful job seeker if you need to start a job search when you cultivate these five traits.

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