What makes a job search weak?

Job seekers often blame other issues when their job search doesn’t seem to be getting them results. Business owners do the same. But most of the time, you can succeed despite the economic conditions, despite challenges that get in your way, and despite personal or family problems as you strive to change your outcome.

Clients who choose to work with me comment that one of the reasons they selected Design Resumes is because I am very passionate about everything I do. Like everyone, I have bad days too but I am basically a fighter!  I don’t believe in giving up or throwing in the towel when things don’t go my way. I firmly believe your attitude plays a huge role in whether we succeed or fail in life.

What makes a job search weak?

You may not think of job search as weak. You may think it is all about the resume or how many times you apply or the economy. But many times a job search is weak because of other factors. I can fix or create an outstanding resume for you! There is no doubt that any resume that walks in the door will change dramatically once I get my hands on it.

Armed with the best resume in the world you can still fail in your job search

  1. You may be using the wrong strategies to get employers to call you.
  2. You may not understand the many ways to stalk that elusive new position.
  3. Your mental attitude or something in your past may be getting in the way of you moving forward.

Number 3 is huge! When you are hurting and you can’t move past it, you cannot succeed in other areas of your life.

Loss is loss. And it hurts!

I learned that again with losing our dear Teddy. People asked how I could blog about losing our family pet and my companion so soon after the loss. For me, writing is cathartic (and therapeutic.)

I know I have an enormous support system of friends online and in real life. And I knew I would deal with it better by sharing.

But there are people who have no support system or a weak one at best and they need the expertise of a counselor to move on.

If you have lost a family member, gone through a divorce, lost a job that you loved, are fighting substance abuse, or experienced other losses, you may need expert help to come around to the other side.

I can fix your resume and I can coach you to use more successful job search strategies. However, if you have major emotional roadblocks in the way, perhaps you should consider services from a counselor to help you fight your way to success. I firmly believe that no one should go it alone!

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