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Always be in a career marketing mode

What is a career marketing mode? Headlines abound about the ending of Federal unemployment benefits. The media is making a big deal of it. We don’t know but that may change rapidly when the lawmakers return to work. Federal benefits kick in after state benefits are gone and are essential for some people. Why long-term unemployment…

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How to rewire brain for today's job search

Rewire brain to survive You almost have to rewire brain to focus on all everything you need to know to survive in our high technology world. Many job seekers struggle with computer problems and throw in the towel. I understand the challenges that modern-day job search caused people whose earlier positions had nothing to do with…

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When you thought you were sailing along

sailing-3521338_1920-1024x641 When you thought you were sailing along

Hat tip to my friends, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter and Rob Poindexter from CareerTrend who will always come to mind when I say the word “Sailing.” Their passion for sailing and using the analogies in the career industry has truly become their brand. But I couldn’t help use the word. For me, though not a sailor, I…

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Are you a starter or a finisher?

road-908176_1280-1024x682 Are you a starter or a finisher?

Starter or finisher? Starting a new project almost always feels good. You become invigorated by even the thought of starting something new. Resolutions, goal setting, and big dreams. The problem is for many, the bubble bursts easily. They set a goal and then they drop it. Perhaps they are too busy to follow through or…

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Your future is what you make it

Stop whining! The attitude of defeat echoes around the globe these days. Yes, I know there are challenges and the economic climate is scary. But with every challenge comes opportunity. Here’s what I know. Your future is what you make it! My own challenges: I left all stability in December 2009 to go solo in the…

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