Top 10 compelling reasons to use LinkedIn

Top 10 compelling reasons to use LinkedInWhen I am talking with clients or classrooms about best practices for resume writing or LinkedIn, often the first question on the LinkedIn topic is:

Why should I use LinkedIn?

This seems to be such a common question that I thought we would discuss reasons you should consider using LinkedIn.

  1. A Google search for your name will often position your LinkedIn profile on the top or near the top of page one of the results. When someone is looking for you, whether it is another employer or a prospective client, you want quality results representing you and a quality LinkedIn profile will be an excellent representation of the value you bring.
  2. Employers will search for you online and a complete LinkedIn profile is an asset as they analyze if you are someone they want in their organization.
  3. You can prepare for interviews by researching individual employees on LinkedIn, learning their background and more about their own career path.
  4. In addition to researching a company website, a company that values its LinkedIn company page will be a wealth of additional information about its services and will also let you see who in your network has worked there previously as well as presently.
  5. Networking, most feared by many job seekers, you can grow your own connections through LinkedIn suggestions and learn who in your network is connected to others you would like to know.
  6. Recommendations, allowing prospective hiring managers preview your references through the recommendations given you by coworkers, employers, network connections, and clients can sell your value for you.
  7. By joining active groups and participating in the conversation you can grow your understanding about your industry, a targeted industry, or find valuable new connections.
  8. As an entrepreneur, sharing content on social media allows you to continuing build recognition of your brand and your background.
  9. Endorsements, whether you equate them to Likes on Facebook or as recognition of your talent, when you are endorsed for a talent or skill set repeatedly by colleagues and clients, your skills will be visible.
  10. Known as a resource for recruiters, when you fill your profile with the right keywords and bolster it with quantifiable and qualifiable accomplishments, you will be found.

If you are avoiding LinkedIn or don’t use it effectively, these 10 reasons may help you recognize new value and use LinkedIn part of your career management plan.

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