How to conquer as job seeker or entrepreneur

How do you conquer challenges as a job seeker or entrepreneur? How are they similar? My own path as an entrepreneur relates well to the job seeker’s journey. Let’s explore the parallels.

Uncertainty for the job seeker

Job seekers indicate that investing in a resume or career marketing is tough because there is so much uncertainty. They don’t know how long they will be unemployed or how far their income will stretch.

I get that! As an entrepreneur, life is filled with uncertainty. I too work from a budget to help me have a clear vision of expenses to be paid and how much income to project to meet the expenses.

Yet, the best budget in the world isn’t going to work if the phone doesn’t ring. I project expenses but getting the income to match takes prayer and marketing. As a job seeker, waiting for the phone to ring is frustrating. I teach job seekers how to stop waiting and make the call.

Conquer as a job seeker as you market yourself

Job seekers forget how a job search parallels the entrepreneur in the marketing arena. People never think of job search as marketing. I often refer to my work with clients as career marketing because we market them for a career. The client (or job seeker) is the product. My job is to help them find a buyer (the hiring manager or employer).

The job seeker struggles how to market themselves while consumed with discouraging thoughts about why they are not going to find a new position. At the same time, entrepreneurs struggle with how to continue to market via social media or networking when doubt sneaks in about whether business will grow.

Conquer as a job seeker with a stellar resume filled with value

The resume is the first marketing tool of the job seeker but if it is written poorly or doesn’t resonate with the job seeker’s value, it won’t sell. Likewise if the marketing materials for an entrepreneur doesn’t draw in customers or clients, it doesn’t grow the business.

New tools for marketing the job seeker

Job search evolved with new tools: job boards, online applications, LinkedIn, and even many new formats and methods for resume development.

Does it make it better? Not so long ago, paper applications were the way you applied and sometimes you didn’t need a resume. Networking became much more important but not much better understood.

Entrepreneurs face many new tools today. You can’t exist without a viable website, social media, and today’s marketing has options that didn’t even exist 5-10 years ago.

To succeed as a job seeker or entrepreneur, you need vision, strategy, and a plan to drive success. Need a guide? I understand what is happening in your job search and the challenges you face.

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