Toward end of his resume development process, I asked a client, “Do you have any more super stories?”

What are super stories?

The super story is the memory as you think back in your career you are most proud to share with anyone who asks. The client I was working with had already shared many super stories so my question was just to keep him thinking along those lines.

Resumes I create feature an Accomplishments section in the top 1/2 of the first page. I ask clients to share accomplishments but many falter at the word accomplishment.

Though I often work with top executives, I also work with people who don’t see themselves as heavy hitters or major players. These contributors tend to dismiss or diminish what they accomplished because they think they were just doing their job.

Make a Difference

The super stories are the times you made a difference. The new project you took charge to implement, advice you shared that changed attitudes of the staff, or perhaps you reduced costs to save the company money. You made a difference and you now have a super story!

But my super story is too small!

The size of your super story relates to your own experiences. Obviously, some people have huge super stories. Some will be able to share quantified successes perhaps with million dollar tags on them. But they are not going after your target job. Figure out what is relevant in your field and how you made a difference in your own world.

Running away from looking at your own successes because you don’t see them as significant will open the door to someone else landing your dream job.

Someone else will share a super story to share that fit the needs of the company. The company doesn’t want you to have landed on the moon, they want employees who can do the job they need done.

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