Is 2015 the year for your new job?

Is 2015 the year for your new job?Economic indicators seem to say that the tide is turning and this may be the year of the job seeker, the year of your new job. USA Today had an article that suggested that this may be the best year since 1999. Throughout the recession, it has been an employers market. Most economists feel that the recession began in late 2007.

The end of the recession labeled as the Great Recession has different endings depending on who is speaking. Economists say that 2009 was the end of the recession but depending on industry and part of the country, there were many factors that showed even more layoffs after that point. The same article that I linked to above also states that 2015 could be another recession.

Some years back, I attended an Economic Summit hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the speaker shared numerous charts that depicted the status of the economy. The one that stuck with me looked something like this one:

Chart of the day - Recession

Why you need a partner in your job search

A lightbulb went on for me when I realized how many recessionary periods I had lived through in my lifetime. Whether this is the year of job recovery and the year of more jobs, there are strategies and thought patterns you need to take to assure that you will be prepared.

I was talking with an executive recently who was reflecting that he struggled with calling someone like myself to help him position himself for his next role and new job. He recognized that you could no longer trust that your company would be around for the next 30 years but he felt as if a resume was something he should be able to do by himself. After a bit of discussion about the variable factors of resume writing and job search today, he was confident that he would be scheduling his project with me in the near future.

I called my friend, Dawn Bugni, a Certified Master Resume Writer like myself, and shared the client’s concerns. We have the same perspective on that topic. Dawn replied that she often asks the prospect when they voice the “shouldn’t I do it myself?” question by asking, “Do you have a scissors in your desk drawer?” When the prospect replies, yes, she goes on to say, “well then I am certain that since you have a scissors, you always cut your own hair.” (Hint: I don’t either, that’s Becky’s job!) Dawn goes into more detail and her conversations always make me smile.

I use the same type of analogies with clients when they ask. I tell them I don’t change my oil, because the mechanic has better skills in that area than I do. As Certified Master Resume Writers, Dawn and I have perfected our craft for years and both of us engage in continuous learning. Continuous education and seeking certifications keeps me on the cutting edge of my craft.

How to stay prepared in uncertain economic times

  • Is your resume state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, and filled with clear-cut examples of your successes?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile complete and filled with keywords and accomplishments that clearly depict your expertise and value?
  • Do you understand how social media works in job search?
  • Are you ready for a proactive job search?
  • Do you understand the value of networking and how to connect with decision makers?

All of the above will keep you ready when new job opportunities arise or you really need to move on to your next role.

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