Capture your career successes in your resume

Capture your career successes in your resume

A common misconception about resume writing is that you can just give an old resume to a resume writer and poof by magic, your new resume will appear. Kind of like throwing a coat of paint on an old house. It might look better but unless you do the preparation, your resume will still be the same old stuff under some new formatting.

You can’t leave yourself out of the equation

A qualified professional resume writer does do most of the heavy lifting for you but you can’t leave yourself out of the equation. Most people have old resumes that just have old data in them.

Professional resume writers use tools to get new information out of you. In some cases, they do an in-depth phone interview, taking comprehensive notes, and then write the resume. They select the best format for you and you will get a draft to review. Others use detailed worksheets to capture your career successes and then right from those worksheets.

What is an interactive, collaborative resume writing process?

Clients who work with me experience an interactive, collaborative resume writing process that extends to most of the deliverables in my resume packages. I interview clients live while they participate in a Zoom or WebEx call with screen sharing or if they are in the Central Wisconsin area in my office.

As clients invest in my process, I get to know them very well and together we find their career successes. Our first session is an interactive sharing of five to seven client resumes. This allows the client to understand clearly the overall strategy and select features that work for their resume. As I understand their likes and dislikes, we develop a plan to help them reach their career goals.

My client sessions are strategic planning sessions where we craft a resume so they can do their magic in their careers. Inevitably, my clients light up as we delve into their accomplishments and fine tune the language to resonate with what they do in their work. Every day, I learn new things from my clients as we visualize their career and paint word pictures to capture their value. 

Every day is an adventure for me.

I know I help others discover their value, realize they contribute, and make a difference. As they reach their goals, I played a small part. I teach technology, share resources, and point them to networks they often didn’t recognize.


About Julie Walraven

You quickly see why my unique interactive coaching and strategic resume writing process isn't a cookie-cutter solution. You and I create your personalized job search strategy and define your value and showcase your accomplishments in your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and so much more.