First impressions matter.

Does your LinkedIn photo show to nonconnections?

Missing LinkedIn Photo

LinkedIn changes settings and features frequently. Do you do a check to make sure that your settings allow people to see your profile in the best light?

Did you ever go to a profile and notice that the LinkedIn photo is not visible? I took my photo out and that is what you would see with a missing photo. However, if the settings are not set to public, the image changes:

You think your photo is there because it shows to you.

What do I change to make sure my LinkedIn photo will show to everyone?

LinkedIn photo main settings

There are multiple places for the settings but the easy place to check your photo settings is where you add the photo on the top of your profile. See the Visibility setting with the little eyeball?

That’s it! Open the Visibility setting and you can select from multiple options to make your LinkedIn photo visible.

My recommendation?

Set it to public.


WLinkedIn photo settings for visibilityhy should I set my LinkedIn photo to public?

LinkedIn is a professional network. Whether you are using it for social media marketing, job search, or visibility to potential customers, you want to make the best first impression.

The image at the right shows all the options when you open the Visibility setting for your LinkedIn photo. The option you want is public.

This means that if there is a Google search of your name, your photo will show up as part of the search.

In addition, you will be visible to anyone who searches for you on LinkedIn. When someone gives me a potential referral, I look at their LinkedIn profile. It is the first step in understanding if this person could be a client. Employers do the same thing. Do you look professional?

Your assignment for today? Take a look at your LinkedIn profile and make sure you have your photo set so everyone can see you.

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Does your LinkedIn photo show to nonconnections?