How to Gain Job Search Momentum in Tough Times

The challenges of our current times never fail to amaze and sometimes horrify me.

Tough times do not describe our recent years

Between the pandemic and all the ramifications to work and our lifestyle to the months-long election process and the natural disasters of hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes, it impacted everyone and every facet of our lives.

2021 continued with more of the never-ending pandemic as well as snow, ice, and extreme cold not common in our southern states.

I'm in Wisconsin and as I talk with my New York and New Jersey clients, I know we are prepared for the chilly and slippery weather, but my Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Galveston, Austin, and Dallas clients are not geared up for this. They lack our layered clothing, warm coats, hats, and gloves and don't have the sanders, salters, and snowplows.

Gaining Job Search Momentum in Tough Times

You might wonder then, why would she (me) suggest there is any way to gain momentum in your job search in these tough times?

Start with the resume!

You think you have a job-winning resume. When my new clients study the sample resumes I select in the project roadmap session, they realize that they have work to do. They need stronger resume stories that illustrate their successes. They need to move away from vanilla formats and incorporate eye-catching strategies. It takes time to create those strategies but well worth it in the end.

Create an engaging LinkedIn Profile.

You need the right strategies. But don't leave it there. Don't expect people to go to your profile. Build your network and engage with your network. No one should expect people to come to them, be a beacon, and figure out how you can provide value to your network.

Identify your job targets.

Stop thinking that all jobs are advertised or posted and stop playing the Point n' click game. Aggressively research your target companies and identify other companies that work in the same space.

Collect the "no"s!

Every time I share this with my clients, even my executive clientele, they smile. By collect the no's, I mean be willing to make the calls. Job seekers get scared. I get it. I am often the same way when a prospective client is still in my pipeline. You hesitate to reach out, a phone call or text seems scary. But when you collect the no's, your goal is to get to 100 NO's. Since that is the goal, you are OK with it. You are bound to get a yes in the batch but the No's don't hurt anymore because it is your job to collect them.

I cannot tell you how many clients this year have told me they are getting inquiries and offers they never imagined possible. January took off for Design Resumes like a rocket with more new clients than ever in history. Perhaps it was the new year, but since my business is generated through word-of-mouth, it is also because people heard the success stories of other clients.

Are you ready to gain job search momentum?

I can assure you that working with me is a game-changer if you are willing to trust me as we search for the critical value you have. Learn more.

How to Gain Job Search Momentum in Tough Times

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